Great Retirement Home

From: $1,085.00

Master Suite Location: Main Floor
Main Floor Sq Ft: 1,816
Bathrooms: 2.5
Bedrooms: 2
Cars: 2
Depth: 63' 0"
Width: 77' 2"

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Legal Notice

This Design is the Copyright ® of Brian K. Eicholtz. Please note that Copyright Laws also apply to derivatives of this Design. In other words, if a person starts from this Design, then makes changes, it can be determined to be a derivative and an actionable legal matter resulting in a lawsuit verdict in excess of $100,000. Please do the right thing and work with me, the original Designer, with my Designs. If your builder insists on using his own Designer, please buy the rights to my Design, then let them do their work. Please report any cases of Copyright infringement that you may become aware of. Thank you for your respect for my creative work.  

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